Data Academy


As we pass the mid-point of 2021, we now have line of sight to paths which leads to key measurement & analytics trends such as privacy & cookieless world, new MarTech tools & concepts- success at both will require much in-depth training and education - that is exactly why IAB Data & Measurement Committee upgrades our Data Academy program in 2020 by bringing it online and more accessible.  

About the Data Academy 2.0 
We will produce 8-10 short videos/webinars (15-30 min each), focusing on the most desired training areas, for example, thought leadership areas like cookieless world & data privacy, or practitioner’s guide around how to build the data infrastructure. Some videos will be available to everyone and we will also create premium videos which will be exclusive to IAB members only.


【Data Academy 2.0】Google Analytics 4 (GA4)     


【Data Academy 2.0】Google Analytics 4 (GA4)         Topic: Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

         Speaker: Jing Ma (Measurement & Analytics Specialist)

         Company: Google

         Click here for the video


【Data Academy 2.0】Marketing Mix Modelling


【Data Academy 2.0】Marketing Mix Modelling         Topic: Marketing Mix Modelling

         Speaker: Agnes Chan (Marketing Science Partner)

         Company: Facebook

         Click here for the video