Discovery Bay Funtastic Easter 2021 - AR Easter Egg Hunt

Campaign: Discovery Bay Funtastic Easter 2021 - AR Easter Egg Hunt

Company: Cherrypicks

Client: Hong Kong Resort Co. Ltd.  

Project Summary:

Cherrypicks created a website and an AR game for Discovery Bay Funtastic Easter 2021. The Easter egg hunt is an annual event for Discovery Bay, attracting both local residents and non-DB residential families. However, due to COVID-19, and keeping everyone’s health concerns the top priority, the usual physical egg hunt practice on the beach was impossible. Cherrypicks developed an AR game for participants to enjoy hunting virtual AR Easter Eggs from their own personal mobile phone, and by catching different types of eggs, participants can redeem gifts or coupons from participating merchants. There was a golden egg representing the grand prize worth HK$4,000, and other coloured eggs representing other gift tiers, arranged in different places around the game area. The website was launched in Mar 2021, generating buzz among the public to visit the website prior to Easter weekend to see the full event details, and linked to KLOOK for ticket purchasing. Local media organizations included Discovery Bay Funtastic Easter 2021 as one of the featured activities for Easter. Participants only needed to register with a QR code on site, and start hunting with their browser camera on, and they will be able to see the eggs floating in the air around them. It was a fun Easter weekend event seeing excited kids walking around and enjoying themselves hunting the AR Easter Eggs around Discovery Bay, with a total of over 2k people joining the hunt and over 20k pieces of gifts given away to winners.


Avoiding physical interactions and maintaining social distancing has been stressed by all health organizations during COVID-19, making it impossible to hold the annual Discovery Bay Easter Egg Hunt on the beach for children to scavenge for Easter eggs. AR is a solution that can be used to maintain the marketing vibes as well as uphold the health concerns. Cherrypicks’ team worked hard with Discovery Bay’s team to come up with an appropriate AR game that can be fun, adheres with social distancing measures all while sticking to the tradition of Discovery Bay’s annual Easter Egg Hunt.


Discovery Bay Funtastic Easter 2021 attracted families with children staying in Hong Kong for Easter holidays to visit Discovery Bay during Easter weekend, while at the same time promoting the retailers at the area by offering rewards that can be won during the AR Easter Egg Hunt. They enticed families and kids with a fun AR Easter Egg Hunt to visit Discovery Bay and through their enjoyable experience, prolong their stay into a full weekend staycation. Their efforts resulted in a total of over 2k people joining the game and over 20k pieces of gifts were given away as prizes.


Cherrypicks built a responsive website for the campaign and used ARwiz’s GamAR engine to design the AR Easter Egg Hunt game for Discovery Bay. Users can access the game by scanning QR codes on site, and by completing a simple online registration process and enabling camera access, users can start playing the AR game through browser, no additional app download is required. The game is location based, therefore users needed to grant location access to the game for access to the location based functions. Then the users just needed to follow the step by step guide to start camera view, and they will be able to see the AR Easter eggs around the area. Once they tap on the egg, it will be “caught” and will be saved to the users’ virtual basket to redeem gifts.


During Easter weekend, it can be seen that many families really enjoyed Discovery Bay Funtastic Easter 2021 and the AR Easter Egg Hunt game with kids holding their mobile phones up and scanning around hunting for AR eggs and parents helping them and running around from here to there dying from laughter. It truly was a win-win for Discovery Bay and families looking for things to do during Easter holidays. A total of over 2k people joined the game and over 20k pieces of gifts were given away.