Datawords is an innovative player and leader in e-Multicultural technologies, with a portfolio of clients in the Fortune Global 500.

We analyze and optimize the deployment of international digital strategy and content for major worldwide brands.

Datawords has developed unique know-how and expertise in adapting the digital strategies of its clients and making them meaningful on a local level, enabling brands to accelerate their international expansion.

For a brand, succeeding in the international deployment of its digital strategy and the various types of content that it produces is not about appearing international. It is about knowing how to highlight your local identity: wanting to be Japanese in Tokyo, Chinese in Guangzhou and Italian in Milan.

Datawords provides tailor-made solutions for its clients and continuously develops it with them to work with all new formats. Datawords has developed the Datawords Multilingual Digital Suite which allows to thoroughly follow the complexity of international digital projects on the widest array of technologies, including major content management system and ad-servers. Technology partnerships established with all majors solution providers such as Adobe, Saleforces Commerce Cloud or Sizmek allow Datawords to seamlessly integrate the Multilingual Digital Suite in your current digital environment.