eMotionLAB Limited

A video studio driven by strategy, story and design.

eMotionLAB LTD. is an award winning innovative studio offering creative video solutions. Envisioning the emergence of the digital era, eMotionLAB was established in 2012, it is now at the forefront of providing innovative video solutions to a wide range of clients.

Today, the traditional ways of marketing are not enough to arouse awareness any more. Motion design plays a major part in the current media revolution, eMotionLAB aims to introduce a new concept “Moving Branding” to the market by integrating dynamic moving images into branding, and ultimately create compelling stories for various brands and corporations to stand out among keen competition. eMotionLAB grows rapidly within the past few years and won various international and local professional design awards, including Red Dot Award in Germany, Best of Golden Pin Design Award in Taiwan, Successful Design Award in China and DFA Award in Hong Kong.

“from motion to emotion” - giving creativity life for a moving world