HK Open TV Company Ltd

About Hong Kong Open TV

Hong Kong Open TV is officially launched on free television channel 77 on 27 October 2018. It provides round-the-clock services and presents a diversity of HD programmes in both analogue and digital terrestrial television formats. In addition to quality programmes spanning news, entertainment shows, travelogues, lifestyle and leisure programmes and popular dramas, Hong Kong Open TV has a special focus on producing infotainment programmes. It hopes to bring Hong Kong families choices of quality programmes, new knowledge and new perspectives. Hong Kong Open TV cares deeply about Hong Kong and is dedicated to enhancing the connection to local communities.

Hong Kong Open TV is full of possibilities. "Open" is an adjective, and at the same time, a verb. When "open" combines with different words, it can create different meanings. Hong Kong Open TV is ready to start a new page with the determination to "open" viewers' eyes, widening their horizons, and to unveil a new era of Hong Kong broadcasting industry. It is dedicated to becoming an information platform accessible to the public as well as bringing new perspectives and opening viewers' minds and hearts through its programmes.