MingPao Newspaper Limited

Ming Pao Daily News was founded on 20 May 1959. With a mission and long standing editorial direction to present comprehensive, impartial and insightful reporting and analysis on political and economic issues in Hong Kong, mainland China and global.

The Group's is adamant about the fact that newspapers are an asset of the public, Ming Pao Daily News endeavors to provide readers with the most reliable of information. This journalistic philosophy has successfully won the support of over 350,000 readers. Our readership mostly comprises of the middle-class population, opinion leaders and education section in HK. To be worth mentioning, we reached over 90% secondary schools and over 70% primary schools through our subscription programme. to grow with the digital rend, we have developed 3 iconic channels for news, showbiz & lifestyle as well as finance info-seeking communities for desktop & mobile surfing experience, supported by vertical-interest platform such as parental, education, health and luxurious, etc.

For the past 10 consecutive years, Ming Pao Daily News has received numerous awards as presented by the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong, making it the greatest journalists' awards winner amongst Chinese language newspapers in Hong Kong. Since 2001, Ming Pao Daily News has also won awards as conferred by the Society of Publishers in Asia. The accumulation of honors is a testament to Ming Pao Daily News' journalistic and production standards as well recognized by the industry.