The New Path for Digital Marketing Strategy:Powering Data on Business Diversification for Mobile Commerce

Campaign: The New Path for Digital Marketing Strategy: Powering Data on Business Diversification for Mobile Commerce

Companies: Vpon Big Data Group, Carat Media Services Hong Kong Limited

Client: foodpanda

Project Summary:

Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed consumer behavior. Vpon’s own data unveiled a rapid increase in the app usage for online consumption. The “New Normal” is redefining people’s way of living, bringing a new business synergy to marketers.

So, how could marketers turn challenges into opportunities when approaching to the new market?

Embracing digital transformation could be the first step to propel into a news business environment. Vpon has currently collaborated foodpanda to showcase the success of leveraging data to achieve business diversification strategy and keep up with new market synergy.


foodpanda is a leading food delivery app in Hong Kong. Leveraging its strong customer base and delivery fleet to diversify and extend its business in grocery delivery service.

Key Challenges:

  1. How to identify and understand potential audience in the new market?
  2. How to reach your new target audience?
  3. How could the market know you diversified positioning and services?


The main objective of this campaign is in twofold: 1. Increase App Usage, 2. Increase App Download Rate through business diversification.


We proposed a “3 Stages Strategy”:

  1. Identify & Target Loyal Campaign Clickers: Picking out previous loyal campaign clickers and target them with customized ads to drive conversion.
  2. Leverage Vpon DMP for Precise Targeting: Embracing Vpon DMP data to extract individual’s behavior pattern for formulating personalized ads which are delivered to the right audience at the right time.
  3. Maximizing Data Value Through Sustainable Data Cycle: Flexible data application and a sustainable data cycle creates more business opportunities.


Leveraging data insights to diversify business could drive an alternative revenue stream in short term and establish a fundamental strategic change in medium term.

With data-driven approach, our clients can stay ahead of the rapidly changing trends. The data cycle also creates a snowballing effect to accumulate data from time to time and provide valuable data insights which allow clients to achieve exclusive and diverse objectives in future business.

Presentation Deck: Vpon_Powering Data on Business Diversification for Mobile Commerce