HKDMA Officially Launched

October 27, 2016

Unleashing the Potential of Digital

Digital Marketing Association of Hong Kong Officially Launches

Hong Kong, 26 October 2016 - Seven of Hong Kong's biggest digital platforms have joined forces to launch a not-for-profit association to help the advertising and marketing community get the most of digital.

Digital Marketing Association of Hong Kong launches with comScore, Facebook, Google, Next Digital, Pixels, South China Morning Post and Yahoo! as founding members. PwC joins as a supporting partner to the association. They all share a common goal to see marketers embrace digital at a level unprecedented in Hong Kong’s advertising and marketing industry.

The industry-wide initiative comes at a time of unprecedented growth in Hong Kong’s digital sector. Recent data from PWC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook shows spending on digital advertising in Hong Kong will surpass traditional TV in 2017.

Among the key areas of focus will be the development of industry-wide standards and best practice on digital marketing. Talent development, education and research into the critical role of digital will also be part of HKDMA’s mission.

“Hong Kong is on the cusp of a major transition where most if not all forms of media and entertainment will happen on a digital device,” Kevin Huang, CEO, Pixels, said.

“As a active participant in the digital marketing eco-system in Hong Kong, we see the need for an independent body to help marketers make the best use of this platform.”

Victor Cheng, Vice President of comScore North Asia, said he was excited and proud to be one of the founding members of HKDMA to help drive Hong Kong digital marketing to the next level.

“comScore has always been dedicated to helping marketers better understand the digital landscape and empowering them to make smart decisions for their digital marketing plans,” he said.

Anita Lam, Head of FMCG at Facebook Greater China, added: “Consumers are spending increasingly more time on digital and mobile – all brands should embrace this shift and harness the power of digital marketing.”

Hong Kong has long been known as a market dominated by mobile and digital usage. New data shows Hong Kong’s mobile penetration sits at 220% making it one of the most concentrated mobile markets globally.

Lars Bratsberg, Agency Lead at Google Hong Kong, said this represents a huge opportunity.

“Hong Kong has one of the world’s highest smartphone adoption rates and Hongkongers expect businesses to be there, on mobile, right when they want to get something done. That’s why digital is at the core of business success today.”

“Google is proud to be a part of Digital Marketing Association of Hong Kong so we can create a strong digital voice for how Hong Kong marketers to master the art and science of digital marketing.”

Mai Wah, CIO & CTO of Next Digital Group, echoed this sentiment, adding that digital had transformed many advertising solutions.

“Digital advertising has evolved from PC to mobile platforms, from image with text ads to video ads, from advertorial to sponsored content. Marketers are often overwhelmed with the fast pace of changes, the fragmented ad spec in different media platforms and too many metrics to review for actionable insights,” she said.

“Next Digital is glad to be one of HKDMA founding member to help set the industry playbook and to support professionals in the industry to generate innovative strategies for the digital marketing in Hong Kong.”

Elsie Cheung, Chief Operating Officer of South China Morning Post Publishers, said The South China Morning Post is honored to join forces with HKDMA’s founding partners and advance Hong Kong’s competitiveness through the prism of digital marketing.

“This shared mission takes a special precedence in the SCMP’s global growth roadmap. We take it upon ourselves to build upon Hong Kong’s renown and clout through SCMP news content. Digital marketing empowers us in this mission with its potency and immediacy.”

Rico Chan, Vice President & General Manager of Yahoo Hong Kong, described Hong Kong’s digital industry as robust, but said more can be done.

“Marketers must move towards a digital-first mindset,” he said. “Crafting deeply personal digital experiences is the greatest asset to brands today. Yahoo is proud to join force with top industry players to support Hong Kong marketers to seize the greatest value from digital marketing.”

Association members will enjoy access to latest research, industry trends, data and best practices, as well as dedicated HKDMA events including workshops and training. Membership is now open to organisations who wish to join Digital Marketing Association of Hong Kong and who share the same interest.