Realizing the Huge Potential of Programmatic Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH)


As the adoption of programmatic DOOH grows amongst agencies and brands in the region, it is evident that the usage of programmatic DOOH will continue to expand as it delivers significant value to advertisers. As an advertiser, how can you make sure your budget is primed to take full advantage of this emerging channel in driving real business outcome? 

Although programmatic DOOH is still new to the Hong Kong market, but what is inherently different about pDOOH, in comparison to OOH, is the shift towards audience-centric buys, which leverage various data touchpoints to reach specific audience segments on-the-go.  In addition, pDOOH does something that traditional OOH and DOOH cannot and that’s audience targeting, in-flight optimisation and measurement. 



#1: The important role of data.

The largest area of innovation driven from pDOOH is the advent of data-driven targeting and measurement. Programmatic allows you to set specific parameters or conditions (also known as triggers) for a campaign or inventory and unleash the potential to power campaigns with unlimited data sets from a myriad of data sources. Only when the selected conditions are met will an ad or content be served onto the screen.

Examples of data or conditions may include:

• audience demographics and behaviours

• mobile device data

• weather

• time of day

• geofencing (polygons of a specific boundary)

Ultimately, the datasets are endless and advertisers have the ability to customize each campaign to their specific needs. Leveraging data ensures that content is served to the right location, the right audience and at the right time, and also that the messaging and creative are making the most impact possible


#2: How it all works

• Using the buy side as an example, an advertiser sets the parameters for their campaign (region, location and other data fields) along with the price they are willing to pay for it.

• This goes through the DSP either in an open auction (Open RTB) or private marketplace (PMP), transacts with an Exchange or SSP for the agreed bid or sale.

• The ad is then served across the appropriate screen or screens and delivery is complete. Also mapped out is the direct sale of the inventory, still done programmatically.


#3 How to get started with pDOOH

There is no question that pDOOH can elevate your campaign or your inventory. A great place to start is to leverage pDOOH as an additional channel for an upcoming or existing campaign, this will allow for you to see how it compliments your campaign strategy. pDOOH can expand the reach of your campaign to new audiences or elevate a mobile or interactive campaign.


#4 Measuring Success.

So, you’ve launched a pDOOH campaign, now what? You likely set the campaign up with some criteria for objectively reaching success, these campaign metrics will not only help guide the analysis on post-campaign success but will also be used to optimize the campaign while it is still in delivery (in-flight optimization).

In general, impressions served is the most common metric used for every digital campaign and, unlike the one-to-one measurable metric for digital and the oneto-many for OOH, pDOOH will look at a variety of factors to define reach, engagement and overall impact of a campaign. In DOOH, generally many people will see your ad, not just those within your chosen target audience, this is often known as “one-to-many” medium. With pDOOH we are able to narrow this down to a “one-to-select-many” by using both targeting data to serve audiences that we predicted will be the most relevant and, we use impression multipliers to better understand the number of impressions one ad play should count for (known as an average no. of audience reach per ad play).


#5 What’s Next?

At the end of the day, pDOOH is a relatively new medium and will only continue to grow in popularity and innovate further. At Hivestack, we are excited to play an integral role in bringing programmatic to the DOOH space locally & globally for media buyers, media owners and omnichannel providers alike.

So, are you ready to embrace the new era of programmatic DOOH which will be one of the strongest and most exciting across the media landscape this year?


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Author: Sally, VP of Sales, Hivestack (IAB Hong Kong AdTech & Programmatic Committee)


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