Yahoo Wildlife AR / 當這地球沒有牠 AR

Campaign: Yahoo Wildlife AR / 當這地球沒有牠 AR

Company: Verizon Media

Client: Yahoo

Project Summary:

We protect Wildlife & bring wild animals to life: From WWF’s 2020 Living Planet Report, this year, 2020, we have Global Pandemic, Extreme Weather, Devastating Forest Fires. The population of Birds, Mammals, Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians, declined at a staggering rate, on average 68% since 1970. It is time for us to reset our relationship with nature, to build back a new balance with the planet. We talk about environmental protection all the time, but humans continue to damage nature and threaten natural habitats, causing some animals to face extinction. Quoting the theme "When the earth does not have it", we hope to arouse the users’ reflection, imagine that if humans continue to harm and hunt wild animals, these endangered animals will soon disappear on the earth. Verizon Media / Yahoo is utilizing AR technology to let users experience the cuteness of these animals more personally, and tightens the relevance of the users to conservation issues. 


While AR technology is rapidly developing and gradually expanding its scope - the problem with its use cases and the content remains. And that’s why we created the Yahoo wildlife AR game. The majority of AR-related content available at App Stores is mostly a showcase of simple tricks and not much else. Its goal is to present some brands as forward-looking and innovative. Part of the reason for this problem is because of a lack of expertise in the field. There are not enough developers who have a firm grasp on technology and can deliver an accessible and useful experience. However, we’re well-equipped and prepared to share the solutions that driven and supported by Verizon Media Ad Technology team, we also wanted to leverage the game to rich users' content experience/next-gen experience through this AR game. 

On the other hand, while AR seems to be a relatively popular topic in the media and frequently mentioned as one of the most exciting emerging technologies, its overall reception is mild and the majority might think that AR is a high cost format/solution. And the quality of the AR content is significant too. In view of these issues, when we ‘re creating and developing this AR campaign, we also strike a balance between content, production cost, user friendly, creativity, fun, and connection with users. While the list of AR-related challenges may seem intimidating, there is nothing to worry about for the AR technology. It has proven its capabilities of expanding user experience and making it more convenient. The solution of these challenges is more of a question of time than anything else, and look forward to seeing more and more use cases in the industry.


In the past 40 years, the world has lost 50 percent of its wildlife thanks to poaching and environmental upset. Despite most people’s love for animals, many still know little about their favorite wild creatures. We launched the Yahoo Wildlife AR game, which aims to foster more awareness and understanding of the plight of wild animals, and raise support for wildlife conservation. And with the 5G era, we want to provide a vivid and immersive content experience to the users. Wildlife conservation can be fun & collaborative for everyone, with the help of this AR game. “By simply generating attention and awareness towards critical wildlife conservation around the world, we can make a difference.” This is the key message we want to bring out through this immersive AR game. 


Yahoo "當這地球沒有牠'' Wildlife AR game uses AR technology to create a virtual platform to engage with the wild animals in an interesting way. We also built in the content that connects people directly with individual animals, and brings out the awareness & importance of conservation. Users can capture and play with wild animals anywhere. The user can zoom in on the screen, zoom in and zoom out the position of the animal, we have embedded VO + background environment sound to allow the users to have the feeling of virtually being there. Users can also land an article to read the full story by clicking the button on the AR game. We selected several of the rare and endangered animals to make the AR game, including Polar bear, Black Rhino, Chinese White Dolphin, Bluefin Tuna, Green Turtle, and Platalea Minor. 

Besides, we have launched a topic page ( of this AR game, along with the intro articles of those endangered wild animals and a demo video to story-tell the dilemma these animals are facing. We have added AR technology to our own search engine, when users search for 6 wild animals on Yahoo Search, they can see some results in 3D and AR. For example, If you search #綠海龜, the 3D model & QR code will show on the page and they can enjoy the AR experience with their smartphone camera. Regarding the promotion, we have took Social outreach by partnering with the popular KOL page like “辦公室日報” to drive the attention and awareness of this AR game.