IAB HK Digital Awards 2023 - Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who can enter?

✅The IAB HK Digital Awards is open to all creative, design or media agencies, advertisers, independent parties, media sales houses, technology providers, vendors, platforms, IAB HK members and IAB HK non-members.


2. How many cases can I submit?

✅Entrants can enter one or several cases in one or several categories and there is no limit on submission as long as within the timeline. Each submission may be entered into different categories but must be written differently each time to reflect the category’s particular emphasis. We strongly encourage submissions in multiple categories to increase the success rate of awarding the Best Digital Campaign of the Year. 


3. Are global and regional campaigns eligible for the Awards?

✅All work, including global and regional campaigns, must have been presented to the public in Hong Kong between 1 August 2022 - 20 December 2023.


4. How many award categories are there this year? How do I know if my campaign matches the objective and criteria of each category?

✅There are a total of 6 categories this year, with 3 new categories introduced to reflect the latest trends in the dynamic digital industry of Hong Kong. Please check out the category descriptions and weight criteria here for your reference: https://www.iabhongkong.com/awards-categories-2023


5. If I submit on behalf of my client, can we still avail the IAB HK member price?

✅If the entry submission is made by a company that is a member of IAB HK, even if it is on behalf of a client, they can still enjoy the IAB HK membership price of HK$2,500 per submission and per category.


6. If the campaign involves different agencies, can we name all the agencies in the submission?

✅We welcome entries that involve multiple agencies. In the official entry form, you can list and provide details for all the agencies involved in the campaign. Please note that each winning campaign will be awarded one free trophy for the brand and one free trophy for the agency for the campaign. If you require additional trophies, such as for the other agencies involved, please indicate in the official entry form and each extra trophy requested will incur a fee of HK$2,000.


7. How can I be awarded the Best Digital Campaign of the Year? 

✅To be awarded the Best Digital Campaign of the Year, your campaign must be a Gold winner in one of the six categories. The winner of this prestigious award will be selected through a voting process by judge leads, who will assess the campaign's influential power and impact in the industry.


8. Who will be the Judges?

✅Our esteemed judging panels are formed by industry leaders and senior-level professionals from the digital marketing industry. The judging panel of each Award Category will assess every entry according to the particular criteria and merits, taking into account all information provided by entrants. https://iabhongkong.com/judges


9. If one of the judges is my direct competitor, how should IAB HK handle?

✅We understand the importance of maintaining fairness and impartiality throughout the judging process. All judges participating in the IAB HK Digital Awards are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which includes an agreement not to disclose any campaign information provided with anyone else for a specified period of time. If a judge is a direct industry competitor of the company that submitted a specific campaign, that judge will be excluded from assessing and evaluating that particular submission. This measure is implemented to prevent any potential conflicts of interest and to maintain the integrity and impartiality of the judging process.


10. After submitting the early-bird entry form, do I still need to submit an official entry form? 

✅To express your interest in entry and take advantage of the early-bird discount of HK$500, you can submit the one-pager early bird form by 31 October 2023 (Tue). By submitting the entry bird entry form, you are indicating your interest in submission, but please note that this form does not constitute an official entry. To complete your entry, you must submit the official entry form and submission template online by 20 December 2023 (Wed). 

If you do not submit an official entry at a later stage after submitting a one-pager early bird form, you will not incur any financial liability. In addition, if you initially submit the early bird form with Brand A but decide to change to Brand B for the official submission, that change is acceptable. You will still be entitled to the early bird discount.


11. Can I still submit entries after the official submission deadline of 20 Dec 2023? 

✅Any entries received after the deadline of 20 December 2023 will be considered late and will incur a penalty of HK$3,000 per submission and per category. Please ensure that you submit your entry by 3 January 2024, 23:59, as no late entries will be accepted beyond this time.


12. If my campaign starts earlier than 1 August 2022 or finishes after 20 December 2023, is it eligible to enter the IAB HK Digital Awards?

✅Generally, campaigns that start before 1 August 2022 or finish after 20 December 2023 will not be eligible unless they fall within a 20% overlap of the specified period. In such cases, we will consider the campaign's overall impacts and results. Please note that eligibility will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


13. How should I prepare for the official awards submission?

✅Here is the material checklist:

  1. Category and Project Title
  2. Contact Details
  3. Upload Write-Up submission template, thumbnail and supporting materials (You can upload up to three (3) materials)
  4. Weblinks

>> Download submission template: https://bit.ly/23Awriteupsubmissonfolder


14. How much is the entry fee?

  • IAB HK members: HK$2,500 per submission and per category

  • Non IAB HK members: HK$3,500 per submission and per category

  • Early Bird Form (by 31 Oct 2023): Enjoy a HK$500 discount!


15. When is the deadline for entry fee submission?

✅After receiving the official entry form, the Secretariat Office will issue an invoice to the billing contact person within 3 working days. All payments should be settled before the official deadline submission on or before 20 December 2023 23:59 to qualify for selection. If the entry fee is submitted after 20 December 2023 23:59 and before the late submission deadline of 3 January 2024 23:59, the entrants will incur a penalty of HK$3,000 per category. No late entries and entry fee submissions will be accepted after 3 Jan 2024 23:59. Failure to meet this deadline may result in disqualification or forfeiture of participation rights.


16. When is the Awards Presentation Ceremony?

✅The Awards Presentation Ceremony will be held in HKCEC on 13 Mar 2024 in the format of Spring Dinner tentatively. More details will be shared closer to the event date.


17. Will I be notified that my campaign will be awarded before the Presentation Ceremony in Mar 2024?

✅Top 6 finalists will be notified through email and announced on IAB HK social media platforms in Feb 2024. Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will be reminded to get prepared for the stage to join the big group photo and arrange who will receive the trophy from presenters’ hands through email. Gold winners will be granted a short stage time, so wise to prepare the 1-minute Speech in advance.


18. If my campaign will be awarded and I would like to change the campaign information printed on the trophies, can I change it after submitting the official entry form?

✅Please note that all campaign/project names, brand names, and agency names provided in the official entry form will be used and printed on the trophies of the winning campaigns. Any changes required after submitting the official entry form will incur a handling charge of HK$300.


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