Collaboration Request Form


Thank you for your continuous support to IAB Hong Kong, a not-for-profit association which aims to develop standards and best practice on digital marketing to shape the future of digital marketing for Hong Kong’s advertising and marketing community.
IAB Hong Kong welcomes and looks for different forms of collaboration for business opportunities, continuous learning and growth in digital marketing industry. Please fill up the collaboration request form if your company / organisation would like to collaborate with IAB HK. We will evaluate the information you provide to determine our possible collaboration.



  • There is no guarantee in successful collaboration. The goal of the collaboration must align with IAB HK's plans and directions.
  • For members event notice board, there is a new opportunity for IAB HK company members to promote their own corporate events with other IAB HK members in our website or social media platform (e.g. edm). The objective of the events must be good reference for IAB HK members and are helping members to learn more about the latest trend and implication of digital marketing. No hard selling on company's own products or services will be allowed. Each company member can promote up to 2 EVENTS every year. 


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