Ask The Expert Series

Coordinated by Education Committee, IAB Hong Kong is hosting a series of online Q&A sessions - ‘Ask The Expert' to answer various enquires and challengs by digital marketers. The best-in-class experts are invited to record video and share information and tips on different relevant topics to enhance marketing success for marketers. The first episode was launched in Dec 2021, another three series of videos will be launched on our social media channel in 2022. Check the videos below and explore more about digital marketing!


Ask the Expert 01: "Ask Me Anything About Campaign Measurement"

1   Speakers:

  - Agnes Lung - Group Chief Marketing Officer of Tam Jai International
  - Agnes Chan - Marketing Science Partner of Meta
  - Jingtao Ji - Head of Measurement & Analytics, Greater China and                   Korea of Google
  - Mandy Shek - Associate Digital Director of OMD Hong Kong

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