Cigna DIY Health Plan Launch Campaign

Campaign: Cigna DIY Health Plan Launch Campaign

Company: Cigna Hong Kong 

Project Summary:

Cigna HK launched Cigna DIY Health Plan in January 2021, a first-in-market proposition enabling Hongkongers to select from a range of benefits to build their own personalized medical insurance protection. The goal is to raise awareness of the importance of health protection among the younger segment, and encourage them to pick the benefits that they want and design their most desired insurance plan.


Unlike the ‘one-size-fits-all’ model of traditional health insurance products, the Cigna DIY Health Plan allows customers to tailor their own health protection by choosing from seven benefits to customize the protection. These include Core Outpatient Benefit, Outpatient Surgery Benefit, Supplementary Outpatient Benefit, Dental Benefit, Accident Benefit, Cancer Benefit, and Vision Benefit. Enrolling in the product is quick and application can be completed online in just a few steps.


1. Drive awareness of the campaign
2. Drive traffic to the DIY product page


We adopted mobile platforms that are popular among youngsters and slashies in the campaign, and adopted a comic creative style will polling ads on social platform to drive user engagement.


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