Enjoy Every Spring Moments with SHEIN

Campaign: Enjoy Every Spring Moments with SHEIN

Company: AnyMind Hong Kong Limited

Client: SHEIN

Project Summary:

AnyMind was responsible for formulating the influencer marketing solution for SHEIN’s spring sales promotion in Philippine. This campaign was going to find different types of KOLs to promote SHEIN’s product in a more soft selling approach on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. The top priority is to drive awareness and interactions through those social media platforms, while this campaign also aims at driving sufficient click traffic through mobile device (drive to SHEIN App) and redirect into sales revenue through a more precise targeting set up on social media boosting. To measure the result, AnyMind has set a very clear KPI on ensuring a certain amount of video views, engagements and link click as the measurement unit.


SHEIN is the largest pure-play online fashion company globally. The company designs and sells apparel, other fashion goods and accessories primarily under their flagship "SHEIN" brand.

This online fashion company has an admirable reach on its own, with over 21 million followers on its Instagram page, and 16.2 million likes on its TikTok account. 

To drive awareness, interactions and clicks to its SHEIN app in the Philippines, SHEIN turned to AnyMind Group and influencer marketing platform, AnyTag. By leveraging on the combined scale of influencers and KOLs on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. SHEIN looked to run an influencer marketing campaign that looked to drive greater business results through SHEIN’s spring sales promotion.


There were several considerations how AnyMind could make use of our exclusive influencer data intelligence to select the right influencers for the campaign, key factors included: 

● Motivating Instagram users to engage with posts and direct them to the SHEIN app on mobile 

● Tapping on the creativity of influencers to drive virality and recognition on the items they had bought from SHEIN 

● Selecting the right influencers and KOLs to ensure a certain amount of views, engagement and link clicks 

● Driving sufficient click traffic to the SHEIN mobile app and convert this traffic into sales revenue


Through the AnyTag platform, this facilitates the team to strengthen SHEIN’s campaign on discover, activate, manage, track and attribute its influencer marketing campaign and identify the right influencers based on specific selection criteria: 

● Number of followers 

● Attribution of followers with strong shopping preference 

● Follower demographics, including interests and age 

● Average engagement rates 

● Photo / video style in the past 

Once SHEIN had selected the best influencers to collaborate on for their campaign, the brand utilized several methods of delivering influencer-generated content to audiences, including clothing hauls, customer reviews, a variety of Instagram Story activities and various TikTok filters.


Through just a series of Instagram posts, SHEIN’s campaign drew over two hundred thousand of post likes and a reach of over 1.3m users in the Philippines, whilst Instagram Stories brought a huge number of link clicks from social media users. Several handfuls of YouTube videos drew over eight hundred thousand views, whilst TikTok videos gathered over a very good amount of views at the end. 

In fact, influencer selection was on-point so much that the best-performing influencer gained an engagement rate of over 85% on TikTok and 55% on YouTube. 





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