HKT Enterprise Solution - SME Solutions for POS Consumption Voucher

Campaign: HKT Enterprise Solution - SME Solutions for POS Consumption Voucher

Company: Hotmob Limited

Client: HKT Enterprise Solution

Project Summary:

Campaign Introduction
As a market leader in POS services and electronic mobile payment in Hong Kong, HKT offers an integrated SmartPOS that supports all participating payment platforms for the consumption voucher scheme including Tap & Go, Octopus, Alipay HK and WeChat Pay HK.

SME/startups could grow their business easily with limited resources during the consumption voucher scheme period by leveraging this convenient and comprehensive POS system.

Goals Summary
Established in 2007, Hotmob is a data-centric media company owning a unique mobile data, brand-safe advertising network and developing data-driven marketing strategies and resources for high-efficiency campaigns.

Leveraging unique mobile audience data, exclusive popular mobile placement, precisely segmented mobile ID, popular mobile apps data and experience in media management of Hotmob, HKT Enterprise Solution - SME solutions for POS consumption voucher campaign aims to create product awareness and generate services subscription in the shortest possible time.

Element Used
Hotmob created a custom project plan with detailed media selection, precise audience targeting strategies and mobile users profile matching based on historical results, existing customers behaviour and projected market trend estimated by the data on Hotmob ad system.

Target Audience: 23 - 55, SME/startup owners, decision makers/ department head of I.T., admin and business development

Channel used: Hotmob programmatic ad network (selected placement), YouTube

Within the campaign period, Hotmob successfully delivered:
1.8M impressions
200K+ new remarketing users accumulated
Reach the form submissions target within target CPA



HKT (SEHK: 6823) is Hong Kong's premier telecommunications service provider and leading operator in fixed-line, broadband and mobile communication services.

For enterprises, HKT delivers end-to-end integrated solutions employing emerging technologies such as cloud computing, IOT and AI to accelerate their digital transformation, contributing to Hong Kong’s development into a smart city.

Product - SmartPOS

SmartPOS is a one-stop POS solution to facilitate SME to receive payment, manage transaction records and enjoy the convenience of cashless payment experience.

The system supports 16 electronic payment methods, from credit card (e.g. Visa), to mobile payment (e.g. Apple pay) and QR code (e.g. Alipay).

The unified platform enables the merchandisers to see reports containing transactional data from different payment platforms, helping to make daily accounting simpler

Also, the built-in 1O1O SIM card in the POS device could allow merchandisers to process transactions anywhere, anytime, increasing the mobility of business transactions.


HKT aims not only to promote a brand, but also the connection between customers needs ,social responsibility and advanced technology.

B2B market is a relative niche. It is very difficult to identify which mobile users are more likely to be to SME owners or decision makers related the payment issue within the millions mobile users online.

Also, electronic payment, apart from credit card and Octopus, are still in the developing stage in Hong Kong. Therefore, SME may not have high intention to adopt a POS system because of transaction and POS device rental fees.


Brand Awareness
Create massive awareness of HKT enterprise services and products to the SME/startup owners, decision makers for I.T. solution, admin and business development issues
Build correlation between advanced technology, business partners, one-stop I.T. solution with HKT

Drive quality conversions from target audience through Hotmob programmatic ad network, mobile placement and YouTube within the targeted CPA

Market Share
Expand the market share of POS services and other enterprise solutions

Gain valuable customer insights by fully tracking on target audience digital footprints for future campaign optimisation

New Opportunities
To explore multi-digital channels for lead generation and brand awareness

Establish user friendly and professional image within target audience by using informative video on YouTube

Social Responsibility
Provide a user friendly POS solution for SME to take the chance to grasp the $36 billion opportunity!


As the B2B market is relatively niche, careful project planning could ensure we could find out the target audience and use the budget efficiently.

With experience in mobile advertising for years, Hotmob programmatic ad network has
24.7M user profile
2,400 rule based algorithms
23.2M mobile device reach ability

Utilizing Hotmob programmatic ad network to set up target audience, ad groups and put in the budget, HKT could reach more target audience through the high network coverage of Hong Kong mobile devices.

The machine learning of the ad network generated accurate predictions based on multiple rule-base and algorithm-base hypotheses. Leveraging Hotmob’s data mining technology, semantic analysis is performed to create meaningful & targeted audience segments, it then leverages programmatic buying approach to deliver the most relevant ad message at the right time in a cost-effective way.

Cross-Channel Programmatic Buying Approach
Strategically combined the 1 st party data collected in the first stage of the campaign, Hotmob exclusive mobile apps and web data & 3rd party dataset, the AI machine learning mechanism of Hotmob ad network provides could further actionable insights, for example
Utilise Hotmob’s powerful look-alike modeling method to further expand and enrich the audience pool by matching with mobile ID with similar behaviour of existing audience
Budget allocation and targeting planning reference for ad placement other ad Hotmob ad network

Deliver ad through popular and premium placement
Hotmob’s own exclusive Prime Ad Network covers a majority of Hong Kong’s highly qualified platforms across mobile app, mobile and desktop web serving more than 65 billion impressions monthly which could deliver the promotional message to the high networth audience effectively.


Delivered 1.8M impressions within target audience which could help HKT building brand awareness and interact with target audience

200K+ new remarketing users accumulated. The audience data would be further analysed by Hotmob programmatic ad system and data engineers. The results could provide actionable insights to expand target audiences pool, future project planning and explore new business opportunities on channels besides of the channels that have already been used.

Reach the form submissions target within target CPA. It could help HKT to expand their POS services market share. More SME and startups could enjoy the business opportunity of the consumption voucher scheme leveraging the SmartPOS systems.