IAB HK 2023 Apprentice Program for Employers [CLOSED]

IAB HK is devoted to nurture young talents and future leaders of Digital Marketing. Our renowned Apprentice Program provides practical work and comprehensive training around digital marketing, including work experience, experience sharing, mentorship and social gathering. The program is now 4th year in operation and is expected to be the largest digital marketing internship program in HK. 

Our program is extended to all corproates, including non-members, expecting to provide more than 100 internship placements from global multi-national corporates, covering digital marketing, data, innovation, e-commerce industries.


Program is now calling for employers. We are pleased to invite you, our member companies to join in offering internship opportunities as below:

Undergraduates Summer Internship

Let undergraduates experience the real work of digital marketers and bring in young creative mindsets to your workplace for 1 to 2 months between Jun to Aug 2023.

Apprentices will also receive below trainings from IAB HK.

  • Career Talk & Workshop: Get the inside tips and know-how from IAB HK to get their foot into the Digital Marketing industry. 
  • Work Experience: Build up solid work experience from your choice of industry leading companies across Digital Marketing disciplines. 
  • Experience Sharing: Hear from seasoned digital marketers who will share personal experiences and provide exclusive insights into functional roles of the industry. Experience Sharing will be arranged in multiple sessions on Saturdays during July and August.
  • Mentorship / Social Gathering: Supported by a "Program Ambassador" who has gone through the road students are about to travel and provide them with advice throughout their journey. Small gatherings will be held to facilitate networking.

Remedy: $40/hour (minimum wage) or higher. Note: if 5 days work, it would be around $8000/month


Important update:

Thank you for your interest. The application process for Employers in the 2023 Apprentice Program has been closed. Please stay tuned for the next intake through our social media channel here.


What is included for you, as the employer company? 

  • Apprentices will be a valued resource to your company during the summer period.
  • Build a relationship with future marketers and find potential candidates in your future hiring pipeline.
  • Have IAB HK identify undergraduates who have shown passion and dedication to the digital marketing field. 
  • Have IAB HK provide your interns with training, talks and experience sharing to shape their digital foundation.

Note: The earlier employers provide job descriptions, the greater potential to find the best candidates. 


Responsibilities of IAB HK

  • Program promotion to all local universities and recruitment of students
  • Arranging training, experience sharing, mentorship and social gathering
  • Overall program coordination

Responsibilities of Employers

  • Providing 1 or 2-months internship placements. Companies can provide multiple internship positions. 
  • Students' interview and selection 
  • Each student will be given an internship fee of minimum wage HK$40 per hour (or higher) and companies will pay directly to the student. 
  • Student evaluation (Program participants will receive a program completion certificate from IAB HK upon satisfactory performance). 

For enquires, please contact Secretariat Office at info@iabhongkong.com or Ms. Alvina Chan at 96896628. 


Tentative Timeline



List of Previous Employers



Testimonial from previous employers:

"Overall we are happy and appreciate the collaboration with IAB!"  ~ Assembly


"This program greatly helped on recruiting young talent which is passionate in digital marketing."  ~ EternityX


"Fantastic initiative bringing the next generation of candidates a hands on experience into the different aspects of marketing from design to implementation and execution. Most of the candidates can meet our requirements and with a good attitude during interviews, especially after going through more than 2 rounds."  ~ Fifty-Five


"All candidates (including those not hired) have a good attitude"  ~ HiNA


"The applicant's quality is good"  ~ Vpon


"The IAB apprentice program provides a valuable opportunity for students to experience how a campaign or an idea is being developed and executed in a real-life organization practically, while at the same time the organization can get inspired by the creativity of the younger generation."  ~ Good Cause Digital


"This is a well-organized program."   ~ Havas Media


"It is always a great opportunity for both apprentice and corporate to expose to different context together to sparkle new ideas and ignite energy especially in marketing industry. Marketing is lively, and with apprentice participation and actual industry scenario, hopefully more new generation are encouraged and nurtured."   ~ TamJai International Co Limited


Photos from Previous Apprentice Programs

2022 Apprentice Program 











2021 Apprentice Program

Office tour at ViuTVSharing by Seasoned marketer

Online coaching
Sharing by Yahoo Senior Marketing DirectorOffice visit at Yahoo

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