Congratulations to the Outstanding Contributors of 2023!

In the past year, the collaborative efforts of 5 working committees and 2 special committees have resulted in the successful organization of 10 events, with an impressive participation of over 1700 individuals. We are thrilled to recognize the exceptional committees who have dedicated their time and effort to lead IAB HK and contribute to the growth of the digital community. Their unwavering dedication and remarkable contributions have played a pivotal role in our collective success.

Let's give a round of applause to our Outstanding Contributors:

🔸 Janet Lee, 2023-2024 Executive Committee (Head of Agencies & Travel, Google Hong Kong)

🔸 Brian Hui, 2023-2024 Executive Committee (MD and Head of Customer Propositions and Marketing, Wealth and Personal Banking, HSBC)

🔸 Ben Chien, 2023 AdTech & Programmatic Committee (Managing Director, AnyMind)

🔸 Edwin Wong, 2023 Content Marketing Committee (Director, Cloudbreakr)

🔸 Roger Kan, 2023 Education & Career Committee Co-lead (VP, Strategic Partnerships, Cosmose Inc)

🔸 Ivan Leung, 2023 Education & Career Committee Co-Lead (General Manager & Co-Founder, Aloha Group)

Together, let's continue to build the largest digital community of HK.