Only Live Once - The Year To Rethink 2020

Campaign: Only Live Once - The Year To Rethink 2020

Company: Yahoo 

Project Summary:

2020 has been plagued with home offices, social distancing regulations, faces plastered with masks and cancelled travel plans; yet it is also a year to transform, to practise resilience, to rethink and reflect.With the motto of “活過不白過”, Only Live Once (OLO) is a social content platform that cultivates readership and recognition – especially among the affluent – towards our core beliefs of embracing alternatives/changes and living life to the fullest. To reverse the stress and negativity 2020 has brought, “The Year to Rethink” campaign injected positivity via a series of original content surrounding real life stories – some of which were shared by KOLs – that reflected the theme of “rethink”. The campaign also invited our followers and those from our invited KOLs’ to share their real-life story, in exchange for an AR-helmed gift fit for everyday use. Upon receiving the gift, participants could activate the AR function via their mobile phones by pointing the camera to the gift to unveil a hidden quote tailored to them. To sustain the campaign and fully utilize their mobiles, we have also created an IG filter that linked to the AR page so followers could discover more encouraging messages and spread their positive energy on social media.


Amidst a very challenging year of the pandemic, fear and negativity permeated our thoughts and on social media. With the motto of “活過不白過”, Only Live Once (OLO) is a social content platform that hoped to instill resilience and encourage reflection during this “year to rethink”.
Only by reassuring life values as well as fostering positive transformation and learning during hard times could we embrace change, turn challenges into opportunities, and overcome hurdles together to pave a better life ahead.

At the end of last year, we took the opportunity to connect and engage with an expanded group of followers by showing them our support as they overcame their burdens over the challenging 2020. We also added AR element to the campaign to extend the energy from our online social platform to offline activity where our audience can experience. We wanted to let them know that they are not alone in this trying journey: we are the positive light they can look towards as they brave their burdens in life. This is our campaign - “OLO - The Year To Rethink 2020” (#theyeartorethink).


2020 was a year that seemingly derailed our plans; but if we think deeper and in a more positive light, 2020 actually inspired us to appreciate alternatives and encouraged us to make progress in our lives, albeit the dire situation.

The “OLO - The Year To Rethink 2020” campaign was designed to instill positivity into our social media followers and to amplify the core value of our brand, “活過不白過”. At the same time, we hoped to rejuvenate our platform to reach a broader segment especially those under 24 years old. Through highlighting our proposition during this critical year, we hoped to establish a true connection with our audience by tapping into their lifestyles and bringing our brand ethos and offerings from online to offline.


To effectively kick-start and highlight the campaign theme, “The Year to Rethink”, we debut an array of inspiring stories based on three key topics 成功是 / 找自己 / 想出走. Themed around the “Only Live Once” ethos, all these stories demonstrated how people were affected by COVID-19 and how they made a difference in our society. We also invited KOLs to share their reflective “rethink” stories, which encouraged their followers to do the same. Those who shared their “rethink” stories received an innovative, customized gift from us.

With AR technology, we could inspire and encourage our followers in a more practical manner. The featured gifts of a glass tea cup and infuser, a cup with lid and holder, a coffee mug and a ceramic coffee filter were all accompanied with a QR code card. Followers scanned the QR code with their mobile phones to activate the AR function by pointing their cameras at the gift to unveil tailored inspirational quotes that reflected their “rethink” stories. The quotes were encouraging statements that reminded them of the value and beauty in life. To further sustain the campaign and drive virility, the AR page also led participants to an IG filter where they could spread the positive messages on their respective social media platforms.


With the help of an AR-helmed gift fit for everyday use, we successfully expanded the main touch point to our followers from online to offline and cultivated highly personalized and meaningful engagement. The WebAR page recorded a 62.3% engagement rate and a 287% increase in average time spent. Of all the audience, 83% are under 24 years old. This overachieved our campaign objectives and set a record-breaking mobile showcase for ourselves.