Pay, Shake, Earn

Campaign: Pay, Shake, Earn

Company: Livi Bank Limited

Project Summary:

When virtual banks (VBs) hit the scene in Hong Kong, they promised a fresh take on the city’s retail banking industry, but as they were new people weren’t so sure what to expect. At livi, we knew that it was important to engage customers and make our offers relevant to them. So we decided to introduce a feature to “shake things up”.

livi developed a seamless payment experience by combining the QR payment with the earning of yuu rewards – the largest retail rewards scheme in Hong Kong that is run by one of livi’s shareholder companies.

However, using QR code for payment was not that popular in Hong Kong. To encourage our customers to use this service, we included a gamified element in the livi app called “Shake Shake”, a fun new way for customers to earn rewards every time they use the QR payment.

This gamification, a first among VBs in Hong Kong, is simple and fun to use - make a payment with the app, shake your phone, and earn a cash reward for future purchases.

Not only does Shake Shake inject a little happiness into our customers’ lives, it also incentivizes them to keep on paying with livi and to bring in more deposits.


Despite being a hot new fintech trend, VBs were still a relatively new concept to many Hong Kongers. In a highly competitive market, some people were hesitant to adopt VBs as a new banking option.

livi’s challenge: Get people to be aware and interested in livi, see us as a trustworthy partner and choose livi for their daily needs — and do it in a delightful and rewarding way that resonates with the livi brand.


The objectives of the campaign:

  1. Attract prospects to open a livi account
  2. Encourage regular usage through of livi’s payment function
  3. Increase deposits
  4. Create a point of differentiation

The solution: We developed Shake Shake, a gamified feature that rewards customers for making QR payments with livi with cash rewards.

QR payment options are available at over 50,000 merchants, from grocery to fashion, so customers can use livi’s QR payment in every area of life.

Shake Shake was designed as a holistic incentive ecosystem within livi, attracting customers to sign up and discover livi’s offerings.

  1. Acquisition: By offering spending rewards, Shake Shake attracts prospects to open livi accounts and start using the livi app for payments.
  2. Usage: With a host of merchants that accept livi’s QR payments, Shake Shake can easily integrate into people’s daily lives.
  3. Incentives for repeated usage: Customers earned cash rewards for future purchases which helped foster a habitual usage cycle
  4. Differentiation: With gamification as a key UX, we created an intriguing point of difference that helped us stand out from the competition and create a buzz.


The “Pay, Shake, Earn” mechanics were simple:
1. Use livi QR payments for purchases
2. Shake the app
3. Earn a credit for future purchases

After each transaction, customers can shake the app to get the rewards (up to 3 shakes a day), earn up to 10% (during the promotional period) of their purchase price.

By adjusting the reward levels payable, we were able to regulate the attractiveness, and cost, of the incentive at key times. Putting us in control of the balance with other promotional offers.

Sustaining interest all year long

On festive occasions, Shake Shake was reskinned with special animation and
themes. For example, we created an Easter theme with Easter Egg animation to reveal the reward.

Beyond banking and for the community

To celebrate livi’s 1 st anniversary, customers were given the option to donate their Shake Shake rewards to Food. Angel, a food assistance program. This CSR initiative transformed the value of the rewards, making customers feel good about choosing a bank that cares and boosting our differentiation.


The campaign was a stellar success, meeting all our objectives and exceeding expectations.

  1. The number of payment transactions had increased by a whopping 400%. Moreover, 5,000 payment transactions were recorded on a single day. That is equivalent to one transaction every 18 seconds.
  2. During the campaign, total deposits doubled, with deposits per customer growing by an impressive 75%.

As the figures reflect, the Shake Shake campaign achieved outstanding results as
we acquired new customers and boosted their engagement through the fun and
innovative payment experience and rewards.

Pay shake earn1


pay shake earn 2


pay shake earn 3


pay shake earn 4


pay shake earn 5


Pay shake earn 6