Yahoo CNY 12 Zodiac Fortune Telling AR / 2021牛年生肖運程

Campaign: Yahoo CNY 12 Zodiac Fortune Telling AR / 2021牛年生肖運程

Company: Verizon Media

Client: Yahoo

Project Summary:

Lunar New Year is one of the important festivals in the Chinese-language market, checking 12 zodiac fortune predictions is a must-do during New Year. In the year of Ox, we want to ride on the new technology to provide an immersive experience on the 12 zodiac predictions to our users in a new way. 12 zodiac 3D models on a radar chart stage with the scores of Health, Wealth, Career, Relationship, Overall and lucky tips.


In light of concerns about Covid-19, we will likely continue to see fewer in-person shopping trips and more retailers using virtual experiences to help consumers find products and get expert advice online. AR technology provides opportunities to create new forms of engagement with products and services. Brands like Lego, IKEA, and Adidas are using AR to engage with consumers. Nike has added an AR feature to its app to help consumers find the right size sneakers.

To get ready to leverage AR technology for advertising, as a service provider, we realized the challenges of using AR and the pain points of consumers & brands, like the cost, engagement, and the matureness of technology, by launching this Zodiac AR campaign, we wanted to build a successful case to demonstrate how brands/advertisers can turn to virtual and augmented reality technology as part of their digital transformation efforts, driven by cost-effective solutions and Verizon Media’s Ad technology. We are in the driver's seat to encourage the adoption of these new technologies and create new ways for them to be integrated into our lives.


As a media brand and an incubator of innovation, we are actively exploring AR technology and the application in this fast-developing AR ecosystem, as well as establishing the use cases that have made the rest of the industry pay attention. We aimed to deliver richer user experiences with our emerging technology, from AR experiences to advertising and content technology, especially for young consumers.

Besides, we wanted to showcase the Best of Yahoo/Verizon Media by creating audience-related content x a wide portfolio of technological offerings, especially with physical interactions limited by Covid-19, the way social distancing policies affect the communication between brands & consumers, AR is in a great position to resolve this problem, furthermore, attracting the advertisers with this campaign case, are likely to follow and explore new usages of this marketing disruptor, in order to create high-quality content for more and more demanding audiences.


We use AR technology and produce user-related content to further enhance user experience. We have utilized AR technology and embedded it into our own search engine, when users search for 12 zodiacs on Yahoo Search, they can see some results in 3D and AR. For example, If users search #Ox/牛 on the tab, the 3D model & QR code will show on the page and they can enjoy the AR experience with their smartphone camera. Besides, we collaborated with a famous fortune-teller in the town - Mak Ling Ling, with a voice-over on the AR so that users can enjoy the AR with audio guidance.