Metro Hit Awards 2020 “Create Your Wonderful Moment” AR mobile game (勁爆AR 合拍體驗)

Campaign: Metro Hit Awards 2020 “Create Your Wonderful Moment” AR mobile game (勁爆AR 合拍體驗)

Company: Cherrypicks

Client: Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited

Project Summary:

Many large scale entertainment events have been affected by COVID-19, including local music awards. To bring joy back into the hearts of music fans in Hong Kong, one of the largest scale annual award shows in Hong Kong, the Metro Radio Music Awards, enlisted the help of Cherrypicks’ ARwiz’s GamAR technology to provide Metro Radio’s music fans with an interactive AR experience in Nov 2020. The beauty of ARwiz’s GamAR technology allows users to experience the AR games without downloading an app, they can access the AR experience on their mobile browser. The public were able to interact with their favorite artists through a web based AR camera, with each artist performing a unique action, such as dancing or singing, and users can take photos or videos through the AR camera with all the participating artists. This is also a good chance to bring music fans closer to their favorite music artists. In the physical world with social distancing and health concerns globally, it may not be possible to meet and take photos or videos with music artists, however, in the AR world, everything becomes possible. In total over 8k people viewed the webpage and over 2k people played the AR game and interacted with the music award show.


Due to the global pandemic in 2020, most of the large scale entertainment events were affected, including locally hosted music awards. In order to connect with music fans virtually, Metro Radio wished to make use of AR technology to promote fan interaction for their Metro Radio Music Award show. They were especially keen on Cherrypicks’ ARwiz’s GamAR technology as it can allow fans to interact with their favorite musical artist digitally with an AR interactive experience, all without the need to download an app.


Without the ability to host a live show with a full arena full of fans in the audience, Metro Radio wanted a new platform to engage with the public so they can have a fun AR experience and interact with Metro Radio Music Awards 2020. This is also a good chance to allow fans to interact with their favorite music artist in scenarios that may not be possible before, such as standing next to their favorite singer while they sing or dancing alongside their favorite artist. What is impossible in the real world becomes possible through the use of technology and Cherrypicks’ ARwiz’s GamAR.


A campaign website was created, and after a simple registration process, the audience can start the browser camera view to see the participating celebrities in AR mode. There is no additional download required to see the desired AR artist or play the AR games. Music fans were able to strike a pose and take AR photos or videos with many of their favorite idols at their desired backdrop.


In a year where many entertainment options have been hindered by a global pandemic, the music industry was hit hard as well. There was less opportunity for artists to interact with their fans physically. Through the use of AR technology, fan interaction became possible again with over 8k people viewing the webpage and over 2k people played the AR games and interacted during the music award show.