uSmart Marketing Campaign

Campaign: uSmart Marketing Campaign

Company: GoGoChart

Client: uSmart

Project Summary:

uSmart first reached out to GoGoChart with the aim to increase brand awareness and to prepare the launch of their stock trading app in the Finance category in Hong Kong, on both iOS and Google Play stores.

Having set a clear objective in increasing awareness, GoGoChart's team had come up with a strategic marketing campaign focusing on promoting uSmart app to reach top positions in finance charts and top keywords on HK App Store and Google Play Store to maximise their brand awareness and installs to get more quality users. To achieve the goal, we provided an all-rounded service including Apple Search Ads Management, UAC management, App Store Optimisation to expand our client's exposure as much as possible. We helped uSmart app to optimise the organic keyword relevancy and search result, lifted by over 80% in both related keywords implementation and search volume. 

GoGoChart's customised and powerful mobile marketing campaign, we were able to help uSmart app reached the TOP 3 position in finance categories on both App Store and Google Play Store in terms of apps ranking. Furthermore, GoGoChart was able to elevate keywords like: "投資", "股票", "財經", "阿思達克", "富途牛牛", "etnet", "aastock" to top 1 and top 2 positions respectively. This has led to a 500%+ in new user acquisition and reduced uSmart's average cost per install by over 50%! The campaign was a huge success as we have achieved all the client's KPI and over delivered by increased more users' attention and lifted the app's conversion rate by 50%.


There are three major challenges for uSmart app during the beginning of the campaign. 

Before the campaign was launched, uSmart app was not known to the public like their competitors such as Futu Bull, Etnet and others. Out of all the competitors, uSmart app has the least exposure. The reason our client's app had the least exposure was because they’ve launched their app after when the market was already saturated with lots of other big players. Therefore, this problem has affected uSmart to acquire more users. 

uSmart app also suffered in both Google Play store and App store. uSmart app has no ranking in the finance category chart and no ranking in their related keywords. By not having ranked in charts and keywords, they can barely gain any organic traffic and installs. Again, this problem has damaged their exposure and failed them to acquire more users. 

One of the most important challenges that our client faced was the lack of campaign budget. uSmart app did not have as much budget as other competitors in the market, which is very common for stock trading apps to do offline campaigns to gain exposure. However, doing offline campaigns are expensive and uSmart did not have the budget to do offline campaigns for gaining exposure. Therefore, this indeed affected their branding and getting exposure. 

These problems had negatively affected uSmart app to get into the stock trading market and acquire quality users.


Like any other campaigns, our client had specific goals they want to achieve by the end of the campaign. After we’ve done a full digital analysis on uSmart app, they’ve decided on the following goals:

First, uSmart wanted to establish a higher brand awareness within the local market, which can ultimately help them in acquiring more users. 

Second, our client wanted uSmart app to reach TOP positions on the Finance category chart in both Google Play store and App store to gain more exposure and credibility.

The desired KPIs for this campaign were the following:

Increase the installs and registrations for uSmart app by 100%. 

Improve the conversion rate from app stores and paid media by 20%.


GoGoChart executed a strategic plan for uSmart app to achieve those goals and KPIs.

In order to build their brand awareness and improve their conversion rate, GoGoChart had executed app store optimisation for the app. The first part of the procedure included optimising the screenshot of the landing page, improving the clarity and readability of the description of the app. Then GoGoChart’s specialists tackled the app store listing part which included maintaining ratings between 4.5 to 5 stars, improving the keywords relevancy to the app and search volume by 80%. 

To drive more installs and registrations of the app, our specialists had optimised uSmart app’s Apple Search Ads and Universal App Campaigns management through extensive keyword research and constant A/B testing. 

As to acquire more quality users, increase the installs and registrations and improve the conversion rate of the app, GoGoChart had worked with uSmart’s product team to further leverage onto different promotions such as Christmas promotion, anniversary campaign etc. These campaigns had enhanced the result of our strategic plan by 40%. 

After having great results from the above effort, GoGoChart was able to help uSmart generate more budget to take on offline campaigns. Therefore, to further enhance the overall results, our strategic plan also suggested uSmart take on OOH (Out-of-home advertising) campaign to further build the brand’s awareness. GoGoChart had worked with the branding team to optimised the results of the OOH campaign, which the campaign focused on MTR and bus all around Hong Kong to maximise their exposure.


GoGoChart had successfully reached the goals and KPIs that were set by uSmart in the middle of the campaign period. 

By the end of the campaign, GoGoChart had outperformed the goals and KPIs in all aspects:

Installs of the app increased by 500%. (400% more than the KPI)
Registration for the app had increased by 300%. (200% more than the KPI)
Conversion rate had improved by 30%. (50% more than the KPI)
Ranked in TOP 2 position in Finance Category on both iOS and Google Play Store
Ranked in TOP 1 & 2 position in trading-related and competitor keywords like "投資", "股票", "財經", "阿思達克", "富途牛牛", "etnet", "aastock"

Moreover, GoGoChart’s excellent results had helped uSmart generate a greater budget for marketing and helped uSmart execute an OOH campaign, which initially they did not have the budget to do so.

Presentation Deck: GoGoChart - uSMART marketing campaign